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LZZG Sand and Gravel Recycling Equipment in Hu’nan Province


After purchasing LZZG sand and gravel recycling equipment in July, 2014, the customer purchased the second one, and has already been installed and put into use.

Many sand suppliers are worried and sad every day because of the loss of fine sand in sand processing pipeline. Then let me introduce the advantages of LZZG sand and gravel recycling equipment.

  1. Complete equipment models for choosing.
  2. Sandcan be recycled for many times, and the sand recycling efficiency is very high, which can reach 80%-90%, and it can avoid the loss of fine sand.
  3. The easily-worn part is durable, because it is special treated and promotedthe equipment performance.

If you meet this kind of problems, please contact with LZZG at once, we will design suitable scheme according to your construction site, or you can come to our factory, we will visit the nearby construction site together.


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