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Lowest price Sand recycling equipment

Fine sand recycling machine improves the configuration and output of sand production line. It is used in the last process of sand production line to achieve fine sand recovery. And avoid the sanding of the surrounding soil caused by the loss of fine sand, and greatly protecting the urban environment. The stable performance and strong production capacity of sand recycling machine have brought great benefits to the development of urban economy, providing sufficient sand and gravel materials for the urban economic construction process to ensure the smooth implementation of the construction project.


sand recycling equipment


1. Vibrating screen adopts Polyurethane screen mesh, which has long lifetime and is not easy to block up the hole.


2. The inner part of swirlier has polyurethane, which improves the lifetime of whole equipment.


3. Fine sand recycling system can recover 95% of the whole fine particle, and has technological and economical advantages.


4. The fine particle can be recycled abundantly and reduce the work of settling pond and lower the cost of clearing the pond.


5. Fine sand recycling system can lower time of natural settling sand and provide the market.


6. We can design the project according to the customer’s need.

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