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How to select belt press and filter press?

Belt filter presses and chamber filter presses are the special equipment for separating solids and liquids through filter cloth. Sludge, as the the main material treated, which is coproduct of sewage treatment. The sewage is cleared after treatment and the pollutants are transferred to the sludge.

How to choose the proper model?

belt sludge dewatering machine

Generally, belt sludge dewatering machine is composed of filter belt, roller cylinder, filter belt tensioning system, filter belt deflection system, filter belt washing system and filter belt drive system. When making model selection, the following aspects should be considered:

1. Filter belt. The high tensile strength, tortuosity, acid and alkali resistance, temperature resistance and other characteristics are required. At the same time, the appropriate woven texture should be selected according to the specific properties of sludge, to make filter belt have good gas permeability and interception performance of mud particles.

2. Deflection system of roller cylinder. It is usually done by pneumatic means.

3. Tensioning system of filter belt. It is also generally controlled by pneumatic system. The filter belt tension is generally controlled at -0.3-0.7 MPa, and the usual value is 0.5 MPa.

4. Belt speed control. Different types of sludge have different requirements on belt speed, that is, there is a range of belt speed control for any specific sludge. Within this range, the dewatering system can guarantee a certain processing capacity, and can get high quality mud cake.

chamber filter press

Chamber filter press is extruded through the plate frame to make the water in sludge discharged through filter cloth to achieve the purpose of dehydration. It is mainly composed of concave man filter plate, frame, automatic-pneumatic closed system measuring plate suspension system, filter plate vibration system, air compression device, filter cloth high-pressure flushing device and body side photoelectric protection device. When selecting, the following aspects should be considered:

1. The requirement for solid content of mud cake. Compared with other types of dewatering machines, the chamber filter press has the highest solid content. If considering the factors of reducing the land occupation of sludge, the plate and frame filter press can be selected.

2. Frame material.

3. The material of filter plate and filter cloth. Corrosion resistance is required, and the filter cloth must have a certain tensile strength.

4. How the filter plate moves. The requirements can be fully or semi-automatically completed by hydraulic-pneumatic devices to reduce the labor intensity of operator.

5. The filter cloth oscillates device to make filter cake easy to fall off. Compared with other types of dewatering machines, the biggest disadvantage of filter presses is that they have a large footprint.

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