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How to clean the river sand that contain mud?


River sand is a kind of non-metallic ore with complex composition, smooth surface and a lot of impurity on the surface of natural stone, which is caused by repeated collision and friction under the action of water. River sand is smooth, clean, and has wide sources.

If we want to wash the river sand, we can stir up the river sand through the action of water, and separate the mud from the sand. After repeated washing, clean river sand was produced.


Usually we choose sand washing machine to clean the river sand. The sand washing machines is divided into the wheel sand washing machine and the spiral sand washing machine. In practical application, which kind of sand washing machine to choose is according to customers’ own production and demand. If the output is not high, the wheel sand washing machine is well selected, but the spiral sand washing machine can be selected if the fine sand is not required. Because spiral sand washing machine often loses part of fine sand in the processing.

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