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How much water should be used to clean sand with the washing equipment?



A good sand washing machine production line not only to work hard but also need to reduce the production of consumption, saving the cost and at the same time  the most important is to protect the environment as much as possible.
Sand washing equipment is divided into wheel bucket sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine. The wheel bucket sand washing machine more water-saving, spiral sand washing machine slightly costs of water, a lot of sand washing machine manufacturers  tell users that washing the sand waster a little water, but the actual application process in the use of water is usually higher than the estimates. In the actual operation process with spiral sand washing machine cleaning sand, sand and water ratio is about 1:1 or 1 to 1.5, wheel bucket sand washing machine is the proportion of sand and water about 2:1 or 4:3, of course, this is not absolute, specific content need according to the sand with clay size related, such as: the granularity of sand, containing powder, clay content, product requirements mud and sand ratio and other factors such as. Our technical staff through the feedback with the customer get that the sand washing machine which we made water is generally in the 30-100/H, then on average up to 1 square sand 0.8-1.5 square water.

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