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We Do Our Best To Solve Sand Washing Problems


As we all know, there is a disparity between Chinese industry and the developed countries. The disparity existence brings the huge progressive space for LuoyangLongzhong and other tailing disposalenterprises in China. For us,we can soon achieve the world advanced level, from clearly recognizes the disparity to embark, starts from the disparity place, promotes own level to be able unceasingly to sharpen our country mining machinery’s synthesizing capacity unceasingly.


Well,now,we have so many lots of Sand Washing Related Products for our customers,the main equipment are below :

  • desander
  • grinding equipment

3.feeding & conveying

4.crushing equipment

5.screening series (double-deck screen,dewatering screen,vibrating screen)

6.sand processing equipment(sand washing & dewatering machine,sand washing & recycling machine,sand washing machine,fine sand recycling system and tailing disposal)

And we have a professional team, all the designers here have more than three years of industry experience, their professional skills make us better and better.What’s more,every stuff here enjoy the achievements from the work we are focusing on. So,we firmly believe that we will meet a bright future!


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