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Great benefits of sand slurry dewatering machine


Sand slurry dewatering machine is a device specially designed for the treatment of sand-washing sludge and sand-dewatering sludge. It adopts the principle of automatic filtration, concentration, and extrusion dewatering. It can quickly press dry the mud cakes of the pumped equipment. The water that is pressed out is clear water,it can be used for Recycling or discharging. With the characteristics of 24-hour automation, simple operation, low energy consumption and low cost.

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There is a serious problem that puzzled many users is to how to deal with the sewage of mechanical sand, artificial sand and river sand? Well, as an experienced minging manufacturer, LZZG will share the information with you.

1.Use sand slurry dewatering machine to perform high pressure and dehydration

2.After the mud is treated, the mud cake is changed and the moisture content of the slurry cake is about 35%

3.Automatic operation within 24 hours without manual operation

4.Bring the relevant operators of our company to the site for installation and debugging according to the customer’s requirements

We have gradually upgrated this machine, so its main advantages is a large amount of processing, high efficiency, convenience and fully automatic operation within 24 hours.

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