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Foundry Sand Recycling Machine


Recycled aggregates and sand have a wide variety of further uses on construction projects. The materials produced by our construction and demolition waste recycling systems have an ever growing market as research into the properties of this material continues and efficient materials handling systems such as the CDE construction waste recycling system bring new and improved recycling equipment to the market.


The recycling of construction, demolition and excavation waste involves the processing of the material through one of our washing equipment installations and the subsequent production of sand and aggregate products for use on a wide variety of construction projects.

Our systems have been designed specifically to cope with the very dirty nature of construction and demolition waste material and they high level of contamination within the raw demolition waste material. Our turnkey systems include a wide range of equipment from our materials handling equipment portfolio:

  • Feed Hoppers
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Rotomax – next generation log washer and attrition technology
  • Aggregates washing / screening equipment
  • Sand washing and dewatering plant and equipment
  • Water treatment and recycling system
  • Sludge dewatering and recycling system

The inclusion of full closed circuit water treatment and recycling systems on our construction waste recycling plants is essential in many cases due to the location of the plant. This water treatment plant ensures that the footprint of the washing plant remains very compact as it eliminates the requirement for ponds or lagoons to hold waste water from the recycling plant. It also significantly reduces the costs of operation as up to 99% of water used on the washing plant is recycled, reducing the requirement for fresh water to feed the system to top-up only.


The washing of construction, demolition and excavation waste material ensures you will achieve the best results in relation to plant efficiency and final product value.

The washing of construction and demolition waste material through one of our washing equipment installations ensures you will secure the highest value for your recycled sand and aggregate products.

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