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Double Deck Banana Screen Maintenance

The double-deck banana screen maintenance affects the production efficiency and performance. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check and maintain the banana sieve according to the following principles.

banana screen

Banana Screen Maintenance

1. Repair or clean the banana sieve only after disconnecting the power to the banana sieve drive and the feeding system.

2. The banana screen is subject to a major system inspection every 200 hours of operation. Check V-belt tension and belt integrity. Check the oil level of the shaker. The oil must be changed every 1000 hours of operation. Check the tightness of the screws.

3. In general, screws and self-locking nuts are for one-time use only. Discarded firmware should not be used again after removal.

4. The vibrating structure and all attached operable parts (springs, driveshafts, etc.) must function properly. No part of the vibrating screen should collide with fixed parts (chutes, platforms) nor work in the state of aggregate feeding.

5. Check the sieve plate of the banana sieve frequently and clean up the adhering material in time. Repair or replace worn parts before failure occurs, in order to prevent damage to other parts or lower equipment.

6. Replace damaged springs in time.

7. The dipstick should be between 160-170, not over.

8. Check the screen holding device. If it is loose, it should be compressed. Check the sealing strip, if it is found to be worn or defective, it should be replaced in time.

9. Check the screen support. Observe whether the rubber pad is obviously deformed or degummed.

Prevent banana screen bearing damage

The banana screen is operated by the compound-rotation type vibration generated by vibrator excitation. The upper rotating weight of the vibrator causes the screen surface to generate plane whirling oscillation, while the lower rotating weight causes the screen surface to generate conical surface reverse oscillation, and the combined action causes the screen surface to oscillate repeatedly. How to prevent the bearing damage of vibrating screen in normal operation:

1. The symmetrical eccentric block structure of the banana sieve exciter produces high-speed operation, which will lead to the abnormal rotation speed of the equipment. At this moment, the eccentric block layout should be replaced in time.

2. The banana screen bearing is prone to conflict and temperature rise after abnormal rotation speed. The lack of lubricating oil in the bearing will lead to the blockage of the vibrating screen labyrinth sealing device, and the temperature rise of the bearing structure will exceed the specified value. To check the equipment lubrication system in time, install the bearings for thorough hygiene.

3. If the sealing ring is damaged or the bearing is cracked after wear, the sealing ring and bearing should be replaced in time.

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