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What can we do for blocking dewatering screen in running?


After sand washing machine, LZZG dewatering screen is installed. It can dewater sand ans stone materials. LZZG dewatering screen has high production efficiency, low noise, applying to sieve grain, powder, liquid and other materials. According to the situation that dewatering screen is blocked when in running, LZZG can give you some advice.

dewatering screen

Improve the excited power of motor of dewatering screen and add amplitude.

Improve the liquidity of materials.

Clear the materials that blocked the dewatering screen artificially.

Change screen regularly

The situation to block screen for dewatering screen may be common, so users need to prepare more screens.

Users should add clearing equipment in dewatering screen.


The instructions book will be attached to the dewatering screen, so users can operate the dewatering screen according to instruction book.


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