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Development trend of sludge treatment in the world


sludge treatment
Sludge as building materials by using a number of techniques in advanced countries in the world have been relatively mature, the building bricks, lightweight materials and cement materials technology has in Japan, Germany and other countries began for large-scale production and application or is planning to mass production and use. Other treatment methods such as activated sludge, activated carbon, activated carbon, used as binder, sludge oil, degradation of chlorinated compounds have a certain research, but also in the exploratory stage.
After decades of development, Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries has formed a relatively complete sludge treatment and disposal technology route and the application of related equipment also tend to mature, relevant laws and regulations and standards has been more perfect. In recent years, Japan has carried on the strategic adjustment to the technical route of the sludge treatment and disposal, and gradually turned to the sludge resource utilization, and the sludge incineration ash is also used in the production of building materials.
In summary, Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries sludge treatment disposal of the general idea is the resources of sludge utilization and land use as the main way of sludge disposal and encourage direction.
Therefore, anaerobic digestion, aerobic fermentation, land use, building materials manufacturing resource disposal technology will is the sludge treatment disposal research focus, under the precondition of ensuring the harmless sludge, sludge to achieve the greatest degree of utilization has become the international sludge disposal areas development trend.

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