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Construction waste recycling production line


In recent years, the state has strengthened urban infrastructure construction, urbanization has advanced rapidly. The amount of urban construction, renovation of old cities, and reconstruction of urban villages are constantly increasing. Large-scale demolition has generated a large amount of construction waste, which has caused great trouble to the urban ecological environment, urban sanitation and transportation. Therefore, construction waste disposal is imminent.


construction waste recycling


The main components and characteristics of construction waste


Construction waste is composed of inorganic materials such as crushed concrete, broken bricks, and crushed sandstone.


Chemically stable: The chemical constituents of construction waste are silicates, oxides, hydroxides, carbonates, sulfides and sulfates. These ingredients are inorganic materials that are resistant to acids, alkali and water.

Stable physical properties: large particles, good water permeability, no freezing, and low plasticity. At the same time, it has quite good strength, hardness, wear resistance, impact toughness, frost resistance, water resistance and the like. That is, the strength is high and the stability is good.


The construction waste recycling production line can quickly and easily realize the crushing treatment of construction waste. The sorted construction waste is removed from the iron material contained in the iron removal equipment by special de-ironing equipment, and is processed into coarse-grained, medium-crushed or even finely crushed equipment to be processed into a certain size of recycled aggregate aggregate, and finally applied to roadbed stone. Non-burning bricks, cement admixtures and many other aspects.


construction waste recycling


Construction waste treatment process


1. Feeding and rough breaking
2. Sorting system
3. High pressure washing system
4. Secondary, three-time crushing system
5. Wastewater recovery system
6. Dust purification system
7. Automatic control system

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