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Common Faults And Solutions of Dewatering Screen

The dewatering screen is mainly used in the wet sand production lines, generally used in conjunction with wheel sand washing machine or spiral sand washing machine, and can also be used alone for dewatering of slurry. As a frequently used equipment, the dewatering screen sometimes fails, and the corresponding solutions are listed below.

dewatering screen

1. Poor dehydration effect

A. The mesh of the dewatering screen is blocked and the load is too much.

B. The mud content of the material is too large.

C. The material layer on the screen surface is too thick.

D. The dewatering screen is not horizontal.

E. The support spring is too stiff or damaged.

F. The screen surface of the dewatering screen is damaged.


A. Clean the screen surface in time.

B. Don’t overfeed.

C. Tighten the screen plate.

D. Adjust the stand height.

E. Adjust or replace the dewatering screen spring.

2. Cannot start or the amplitude is too small


A. Check the motor, voltage.

B. Check the material on the screen. If there is too much accumulation, part of it should be removed.

C. Clean and overhaul the exciter. Properly adjust the position of the eccentric shaft weight block or vice eccentric block.

3. Abnormal flow of material on the screen

A. Insufficient rigidity of screen box.

B. The connecting bolts are loose.

C. The screen panel is broken.


A. Tighten the bolts.

B. Change the spring or change the bearing size.

C. Replace the screen.

4. Too much noise

Damaged bearings, loose bolts, broken beams, and damaged springs.


A. Before starting the dewatering screen, check whether the bolts of each part are tightened.

B. Replace steel springs with rubber springs to reduce shock and noise. Rubber springs are more wear-resistant.

C. A rubber sheet is attached to the side plate, feed port, and discharge port of the screen box to effectively suppress the high-frequency vibration of the side plate and reduce radiation noise.

5. Slow rotation, bearing heat

Pay attention to maintenance and replenish bearing grease in time.

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