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Coal beneficiation plants in brazil


The whole process of coal beneficiation plants in brazil are briefly summarized as follows: coal storage yard of coal through the coal feeder evenly into the coal belt conveyor, belt conveyor of coal from the original to the sizing and crushing workshop. Coal in the screening and crushing workshop, the sieve vibrating sieve with 50mm to the first screening, +50mm materials handling sorting debris and large block of gangue after entering the crusher, crushing to -50mm, and coal grading sieve together under -50mm coal transport to the main building. Coal in main power house by the scraper conveyer assigned to two coal buffer bin, two Taiwan by practice type coal feeder respectively into two jig in. Coal in jigging machine in coal, coal gangue were selected, three kinds of products. Coal and gangue stone bucket type lifting machine after dehydration, respectively, into the coal gangue warehouse, as the final product by the automobile sinotrans.

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