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A high-efficiency and multi-function sand washer


The high-efficiency and multi-function sand washing machine is designed with energy saving and environment protectional, the equipment is composed of spiral sand washer, impeller sand washer and find sand recycling machine, with the characteristics of washing, dewatering, screening and so on, which can effectively remove the sand impurities, as a result, get a high-quality find sand aggregrate with clean and low water content.

A high-efficiency and multi-function sand washer (1)

The gravel material is classified by the screening equipment. The qualified product flows into the spiral mixer through the flow channel pipeline, and is fully cleaned, soaked and broken by the spiral mixer (for large mud, great effect is excellent) the tailing water is discharged into a section. The separation device concentrates and gradates; the tailings and coarse ore enter the waterwheel at the same time for cleaning and dewatering, and the tailings water is discharged into the second stage separation device for concentration and classification, and the tailings and coarse ore are simultaneously entered into the dehydration and mud removal device again; The motor is fully dewatered and dried and discharged. The product is sold by the finished conveyor belt stack.

The cleanness of finished sand with high-efficiency and multi-function sand washer is 98%, which can fully meet the demand for high-quality sand from all industries.

This machine is a new type equipment in LZZG, and enjoys a high reputation in the market, a lot of customers are very interested in this machine and expressed that they want to work with us,for our considerate and sincere service, as well as high-quality products.

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