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Sand Washing Plant


Sand washing plant is designed for the process of sand grading and washing, dewatering, fines recycling and muddy water purifying.

Can be widely used in mineral, coal, ore, tailing washing and recycling, river and lakes purifying, especially in sand washing. The use of hydrocyclones in sand washing plant is the most efficiency method that recovery the fraction more than 200 mesh without losing fines.

LZZG as a professional sand wash plant manufacturer is continuously creat process solutions to meet different requirements of customer’s application. Through our continuous experiment, innovation, and decades of experience, you can get a plant specifically designed for various working sites to meet your demands. Whatever natural sand, crushed sand, coarse particles, fine particles, large mud content, many impurities, ores, tailings, coals, special used, we can offer a wash plant to suit your needs.


Washing Plant Structure

Washing plant process:

  1. 1.Truck load raw materials into hopper continuously feeding to follow equipment through vibrating feeder.
  2. 2.Separating to different parts in granularity and washing with water.
  3. 3.Accumulation of gravels and oversize products through belt conveyor to form stock piles.
  4. 4.The fraction that meets finished products in particle is feed into sand washing machine with water to remove impurities covering the surface of sand under the rotate and stir of impeller, dewater by vibrating screen and recovery fines by hydrocyclone.
  5. 5.Muddy water discharged from hydrocyclone clarification with the help of flocculant solution in paste thickener. Clean water are recovered to the process, sludge is pressed into mu cake and dry discharge by filter press.
Washing Plant For Gravel

Washing effect:

  1. 1.Solid particles washing and dehydration - the water content of finished products is 8%; the mud content of finished sand is less than or equal to <3%, which is in line with the standard for commercial mixed sand.
  2. 2.Sediment separation – more than 90% -200mesh fine particles can be recycled and dewatering.
  3. 3.Muddy water purification – 90% muddy water can be purified through mud and water separation and reuse to the process
  4. 4.Solid waste dry discharge – the water content of pressure-filtered mud cake is < 20%, which can realize dry pile dry discharge treatment of solid waste in tail water.
Waste Water Reuse
Clean and Dry sand in Washing Plant

LZZG Wash Plants Benefits:

  • Water will be re-circulated within the wash plant.
  • Mud solidification to minimize the cost of stacking.
  • Custom-engineered wash solutions reduce capital outlay significantly.
  • Provide flexible options with wide range of adaptation.
  • Good quality equipments and wonderful installation service.
  • LZZG Sand Plants offer greater separation efficiency and higher product output.

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