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How to chose a suitable dewatering screen?


Under normal circumstances, the customer with a trouble when they buy a dewatering screen,because there are too many types, they don’t know which one to choose.This kind of phenomenon is very common, so we don’t need to be anxious, if you want to choose the suitable for their own use dewatering screen, have to need to choose according to actual conditions of use, the actual conditions in fact basically has the following kinds.

new dewatering machine

The following a few actual conditions of use:
1. The USE, the customer should be said the use to manufacturer.
2. The basic characteristics of materials, including: the types of materials, material moisture, material particle size, particle shape and material of the material viscosity (water content).
3. Efficient dewatering screen work shifts.
4. Capacity per hour.
5. Particle size and the corresponding screening efficiency.
6. Themethod (wet sieve or dry sieve).
7. Installation way.
8. Working conditions, such as size, environment temperature, dustproof requirements, etc.

You as long as according to the above points to choose, with the help of LZZG,you can choose to conform to the production condition of dewatering screen, in the end, welcome to inquire.

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