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GP Tailing Dewatering system of LZZG


During the last 10 years or even decades, a variety of natural (rain, earthquake, rat holes, etc.) and man-made (mismanagement, imbalance between workers and peasants, etc.) adverse factors all the time or periodically threaten human’s security. That has consistently shown that once the tailings crash, are to the downstream of the industrial and agricultural production and people’s life and their property will suffer a great loss no doubt. According to the reality after years of researching,our company has developed the GP Tailing Dehydration System.

The high frequency vibration sieve dehydration for tail slurry materials, is the new screening equipment in our company, with low materials consumption,and the characteristic of large capacity, because of its outstanding performance in recycling and effective dehydration function, it has become the core equipment of the tailings processing in the whole world.


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