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GP Tailings Dispose System

Input Size: 0-10mm

Processing Capacity: 0-240t/h

Fines Recovery Rate: >95%

Final Water Content: as low as 12%-15%

Process materials: various metal tailings, iron ore, copper, gold and aluminum ore tailing.

  • Overview

    GP series tailing recovery screening machine is specially designed for metal tailing recovery, which combines with the characteristics of metal tailing on the basis of GZ series high frequency sieve. It is mainly used for iron ore, copper, gold and aluminum ore tailing dehydration. It is a new type tailing recovery machine which is designed to focus on solving problems existing in many tailing recovery screening machines in domestic.

    GP series tailing recovery screening machine has features such as simple structure, low cost, high efficiency, low consumption, low noise and easy maintenance, etc.


  • Working principle

    GP series mine tailing screen is driven by two vibrating motors, which make the screen sieve move to-and-for on line to achieve the filtering purpose. With the vibration of the screen, the concentrated tailing materials are continuously threw up and down on the screen, and the materials are loosen and crashed to the sieve, the small size materials are filtered away from the sieve holes.

    Finally it reaches the aim of classifying, dehydrating and desliming.

  • Features & Benefits

    1. High efficiency, strong vibrating force and large capacity.
    2. Simple structure and easy operation and maintenance.
    3. 45°angle install increases the dewatering area.
    4. Vibrating frequency is adjustable to meet different ores.
    5. Torsional shear type high strength bolts are used between side plates and beam. No weld gap avoids side plates cracking during vibrating.
    6. Polyurethane screen with better elasticity and less blocks. The PU side push plates protect the equipment from the rushing material and guard the long life of the whole device.


  • Specifications

    Model Capacity (t/h) Screen Panel (mm) Hydrocyclone (mm) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
    GP12-30 20-50 1200*2400 150*2 11 4280*2600*3000
    GP15-60 60-100 1500*3000 150*4 22 4880*2900*3280
    GP18-90 80-140 1800*4200 150*6 37 6080*3200*3500
    GP24-120 120-200 2400*4800 150*8 44 6680*3800*3800
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