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Electric silica sand screening machine industry develop ripely



China’s electric sand screening machine industry both to play as the basic advantages of traditional industries, but also continue to promote industrial structure upgrading, improve the market competitiveness of high-end products, the early realization of the transformation from labor-intensive to technology intensive industry, shorten the gap with the international advanced level in the industry. Traditional industrial production is a product of daily production and life must be, new industries are mostly rely on traditional industries developed. China’s mold industry has such a basic advantage. However, with the development of the times, the traditional industries need to keep pace with the times, to seek new development of industrial transformation, there is no backward industries, only backward production methods. Electric sand sieving machine enterprises should strengthen innovation consciousness, set up a professional R & D team training, vigorously develop the high-end products R & D technology, the early realization of the localization of high-end products; optimize the industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading; the development of industrial clusters, enhance the competitive advantages of industry groups; solid domestic market, actively explore foreign markets.
The development of electric sand screening machine industry is becoming more and more mature today, how to make the industry have the sustainable productivity and competitiveness, is the development of the industry, enterprise survival must think of the problem. In the fierce competition in the domestic and foreign markets, the electric mature industry should maintain its own advantages, continue to break through the bottleneck of development, so as to hold the market’s voice and the right to take the initiative to achieve sustainable development.

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