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Do you know sand recycle machine?


In recent years, with the transformation and upgrading of mining economy, sand recycle machine has gradually become the existence of sand production line standard. However, for the majority of customers, is only simply heard sand recycling machine, for its part, working principle and performance are not quite understand.

For present the production line of artificial sand production, The vast majority is wet production process. No matter what form the sand washing machine is, there is a mistake that 0.16mm fine sand lost even more than 20%.

Do you know  sand recycle machine?

In general, the sand recycle machine is mainly composed of a vibration motor, vacuum pressure pump, sand separator, dewatering sieve, cleaning tank and return feed box.

sand-water mixture goes into the cleaning tank, separated by the impeller separator, and then dehydrated in the lower sieve, while wastewater from cleaning tank (sand, mud, dust and other impurities contained) is transferred to the high pressure separator by high pressure vacuum pump, and then the sand after centrifugal classified is transferred into the dewatering screen through apex. By high-pressure separator, clean tank water, mud, dust and other impurities are into the upper cistern and finally discharged. The finished product is grit in the upper part, while fine sand, or mixed up with coarse sand (adjusted according to customers’ demand) in lower part.

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