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LZZG oilfield sludge processing equipment


LZZG oilfield sludge dewatering plant

Oilfield drilling process, will produce a lot of waste drilling mud; waste drilling mud composition is complex, containing a large number of inorganic salt, heavy metal ions and polymer organic matter, oil, and other toxic and harmful substances; waste drilling mud belongs to dangerous solid waste, without treatment, will bring serious pollution hazard.
Waste drilling mud for mixture of solid and liquid solid phase has a difficulty of separation, the organic matter is difficult to degradation and removal characteristics. At the same time, different stages of drilling, oil field operation block system for drilling mud would be very different from the characteristics of the waste drilling mud is difficult to effective treatment is the difficulty of oilfield environmental protection.

LZZG professional sludge treatment equipment, for the treatment of oil field waste drilling mud has a remarkable, and in the actual work for the customer to create huge economic benefits and environmental benefits。

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