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Lower water content sand is well needed and sold in market, dewatering screen aka sand dewatering machine is the best dewatering equipment to dewater materials. LZZG TS dewatering screen use high wearable polyurethane screen as its screen device, bending a whole steel plate to be its main body, for years market experience, it works perfectly in crushed sand plant, natural sand washing plant, coal mining screening plant and mineral tailing screening site, etc. No blocking, no water leaking. TS series dewatering srceen is LZZG parent product.

Dewatering Screen Machine

Our TS dewatering screen helps you dewater material and sludge and produce bulk materials that the moisture content in your product as low as 8%. TS dewatering screens are also used to recover solid particles from liquids, muds or sludges. The deep bed design effectively removes more moisture than competitor models, getting the highest possible percentage of final product.


LZZG Portable Screen
  • TS0820
  • TS1020
  • TS1225
  • TS1530
  • TS1840
  • TS1845
  • TS2445
  • Mobile dewatering screen
  • Double deck dewatering screen
  1. TS0820 Dewatering Screen
  2. TS1020 Dewatering Screen
  3. TS1225 Dewatering Screen
  4. TS1530 Dewatering Screen
  5. TS1840 Dewatering Screen
  6. TS1845 Dewatering Screen
  7. TS2445 Dewatering Screen
  8. Mobile Dewatering Screen
  9. Double Deck Dewatering Screen
  • 1.Choose polyurethane screen as its vibrating screen.
  • 2.Customized sizes.
  • 3.Simple structure,easily installation and lower invest.
  • 4.Bending a whole steel plate as its main body,no welding and no leaking.
  • 5.Final sand water content down to 15%,convenient in packing and delivery.
Applicable occasions
  • Constuction Sites
  • Gravel Plants
  • Coal-Mining Industry
  • Quarry

Constuction sites / Gravel plants / Quarry / Coal-mining industry / Other industrial sectors

Working Principle
Dewatering Screen Working Principle

TS Dewatering screen adopts dual-motor self-synchronization technology. Motors coordinate with universal eccentric and adjustable amplitude vibrator. when dual-motors start to work,centrifugal forces which generate by the eccentric models will superposition themselves and forming a single direction vibration. The high frequency drive vibration drive of the screen will line move back and forth in line repeatedly.

Model Screen area (m²) Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Feed size (mm) Weight (kg) Overall dimension (L*W*H)(mm)
TS0918 1.62 2*0.75 10-20 ≤10 1600 1885*1290*1024
TS0924 2.16 2*0.75 10-20 ≤10 2000 2485*1290*1221
TS1224 2.88 2*1.5 30-50 ≤10 2300 2485*1590*1324
TS1230 3.6 2*2.2 30-50 ≤10 2530 3085*1590*1424
TS1236 4.32 2*2.2 30-50 ≤10 2880 3685*1590*1524
TS1530 4.5 2*3 50-80 ≤10 3180 3083*1890*1421
TS1536 5.4 2*3 50-80 ≤10 3300 3683*1890*1601
TS1836 6.48 2*4 100-150 ≤10 3750 3715*2466*1855
TS1842 7.56 2*4 100-150 ≤10 4380 4315*2466*2044
TS1845 8.1 2*4 100-150 ≤10 4680 4515*2446*2135
TS1848 8.64 2*6.5 100-150 ≤10 4960 4915*2466*2244
TS2442 10.08 2*7.5 130-180 ≤10 5130 4315*3085*2042
TS2445 10.8 2*7.5 130-180 ≤10 5450 4615*3085*2140
TS2448 11.52 2*7.5 130-180 ≤10 5880 4915*3085*2242


Silica sand dewatering screens,LZ series sand recycling machine

Sand dewatering equipment-LZ sand washing & recycling machine

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