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Dewatering screen aka sand dewatering machine is the most suitable machine for sand dewatering process. They are designed as linear vibrating screen that widely applicated to dewatering, desliming, sculting, washing, degritting and screening. Dewatering screens as the most widely used dehydration product, which are mainly to produce a consistent dripless finished product and handle sand, gravel, aggregates, artificial sand, sea sand, clay, ores, tailings, coal, mining and other materials.

The deep bed design and high wearable polyurethane screen panel are adopted to dewatering screens, which can more effectively remove the more moisture. And depending on the gradation of material processed, dewatering screen will typically produce a finished product with water content as low as 8%, getting the highest possible percentage of final product. Dewatering screen can also recover fine solid particles from liquids as sand recycling system. The materials that greater than or equal to 200mesh more than 95% can be recycled and dewatered to dripless prior to stockpiling.

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Working Principle

Dewatering screen adopts dual-motor self-synchronization technology. When working, materials are fed onto the screen surface at the feed end of dewatering screen to achieve a rapid dewatering. As the material piled up on the screen, a puddle began to form.

Under a reverse movement of two sets of vibrating motor in the same angular velocity, the inertial force produced by an eccentric block in a particular aspect to repeated stack or offset. So as to produce a great shock driving screen box along the straight line track to do periodic reciprocating motion, make the materials on screen from input to output to do gradually vibrate and water is separated from materials and pass screen hole and drop to water tank. Solids on screen surface are moving towards the outlet end of screen and conveyed to stock pile.

Dewatering Screen Working Principle


All videos are from our customer sites

LZZG TS1845 silica sand dewatering screens for 150tph capacity

Dewater screen for silica sand washing

LZZG sand washer with dewatering unit


Model Screen area (m²) Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Feed size (mm) Weight (kg) Overall dimension (L*W*H)(mm)
TS0918 1.62 2*0.75 10-20 ≤10 1600 1885*1290*1024
TS0924 2.16 2*1.1 10-20 ≤10 1800 2483*1290*1271
TS1230 3.6 2*2.2 30-50 ≤10 2530 3085*1590*1424
TS1236 4.32 2*2.2 30-50 ≤10 2880 3685*1590*1524
TS1530 4.5 2*3 50-80 ≤10 3180 3083*1890*1421
TS1836 6.48 2*4 100-150 ≤10 3750 3715*2466*1855
TS1845 8.1 2*4 100-150 ≤10 4680 4515*2446*2135
TS2445 10.8 2*7.5 130-180 ≤10 5450 4615*3085*2140
TS2448 11.52 2*7.5 130-180 ≤10 5880 4915*3085*2242


Dewatering screens have a wide range of applications as followings. And are usually be used to dewater below 10mm particles, such as sand, gravel and coal, etc; recycle and dewater fines of 0.074-3mm particles in fines recycling system


  • With compact structure, high-strength bolts fixed and beam structure for the rigidity and strength
  • Large processing capacity per unit area, high dehydration rate
  • No drip finished products, better inventory management and shorter inventory cycle
  • Cleaning, dehydration, transportation, screening and other functions are integrated reasonably
  • Dewatering products of different graunla on one machine using a layered sieve plate design
  • Rubber spring for shock absorption and reduce noise
  • Wear-resistant polyurethane screen for high precision and efficiency and no blocking
  • High-quality vibration motor for continuous and uninterrupted operation
  • Screen plate is tilted upward to improve dewaterability
  • Recovery fines and control of gradation with cyclone
  • Can be used stand-alone or with other equipment, mobile flexibility and convenience
  • Low energy consumption, convenient installation and commissioning, easy operation and maintenance
dewatering screens pdf dewatering screens pdf
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