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Indonesian Sand Production Line With Annual Output Of 600,000 Tons

Recently, the machine-made sand processing production line with an annual output of 600,000 tons built by Longzhong Heavy Industry was successfully tested in Indonesia. The project focuses on the production of construction aggregates. During the test run, the equipment ran stably and the customer was very satisfied.

indonesia sand washing plant

Raw materials: river sand, pebbles

Annual production: 600,000 tons of machine-made sand

Treatment process: front-end sand washing, back-end sewage treatment

Equipment configuration: three-axis horizontal screen, two-wheel sand washing and recycling machine, muddy water treatment system

Usage of finished materials: can be used for infrastructure construction and high-standard sand needs

The equipment of this sand production line

1. Three-axis horizontal screen

This production line adopts the latest three-axis horizontal screen developed and produced by Longzhong, which has the advantages of horizontal linear vibrating screen and circular vibrating screen. With its sturdy structure and large processing capacity, it is an ideal new screening equipment.

2. Two-wheel sand washing and recycling machine

The two-wheel sand washing and recycling integrated machine can effectively reduce the mud and powder content of sand and gravel. It can produce finished materials with good grain shape and reasonable gradation to meet the local demand for high-quality sand and gravel materials.

3. Muddy water treatment system

The muddy water produced by this production line is concentrated and precipitated by the thickener, and the clean water in the upper layer can be reused. The sediment at the bottom enters the filter press and is pressed into mud cake, truly achieving energy saving and emission reduction, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement.

sand vibrating screen

The advantages of sand production line

The project adopts the wet production process. Equipped with screening equipment and sand washing equipment, combined with a sewage treatment system, to achieve the environmental protection requirements of zero discharge of sewage. At the same time, the finished aggregate has high-quality particle size and reasonable gradation, meeting high-standard material requirements.

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