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5 Feeding Techniques to Improve Jaw Crusher Performance

Jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment of the whole gravel production line, and its efficiency has a great influence on the production line. Feeding is the first step in crushing and making sand, and mastering certain feeding skills will help improve the productivity and efficiency of the entire production line. Therefore, mastering the feeding skills of jaw crushers can increase the productivity of the entire production line.

jaw crusher

1. Control the feeding size to prevent jamming and blockage

The design formula for the size of the jaw crusher’s feed port: feed port size=(1.1~1.25)*maximum particle size of raw materials.

In actual production, the staff is likely to use the measured feed inlet size as the maximum feed size. Therefore, the large particle size raw material in the raw material can easily block the cavity. Every time it is blocked, the equipment will not operate normally for a long time. Therefore, strictly controlling the particle size of the raw materials is one of the important prerequisites for ensuring the normal operation of the jaw crusher.

2. Control the feeding amount

Since the working principle of the jaw crusher is half-rhythmic work, if too much material is put in, the material will not be broken in time. The broken materials cannot be eliminated in time, resulting in material jams. Therefore, both material interruption and excessive feeding will affect the production capacity of the jaw crusher.

3. Adjust the feeding angle to ensure smooth feeding

The best feeding position for the miner should be within the top 1/3 of the equipment, but it is strictly prohibited to feed the material vertically to prevent the equipment from losing its vibration ability or affecting the conveying effect under pressure. Therefore, adjusting the angle of the lower silo to ensure that the feeding is smooth and without pressure, and the rhythm of the feeder is consistent with the processing rhythm of the jaw crusher, which is the technical guarantee for normal feeding.

4. Using the feeder screening function to achieve pre-screening

The vibrating feeder is equipped with grate bars and has a screening function. With proper adjustment, the efficiency of vibration to the grate of the miner is extremely obvious. Therefore, adjusting the amplitude, angle of the miner, and fully releasing the screening function of the miner is the best way to increase productivity.

5. Adjust the discharge opening and angle

The size of the discharge port of the jaw crusher determines the processing capacity of the equipment. As coarse crushing equipment, the size of the discharging port of the jaw crusher should be based on the optimal feed size of the second-stage crushing, and the size of the discharging port cannot be increased or reduced arbitrarily.

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