What Is Sludge Treatment

Sludge thickening and dewatering is two important stages in treating sludge.

Thickening commonly produces sludge solids concentrations between 15% and 20%, LZZG Deep Cone Thickener results in maximum water recovery, maximum underflow density, can help to save the downstream costs.

We usually use filter press to reduces moisture content of the sludge (dewatering stage). Approximately 95% reduction in volumeand most overflows will be recycled or reusing.

Sludge Treatment

Popular Applications

This system is widely applied for stone industry, mining & minerals industry, coal washing, sand washing etc.

Ceramics Industry

Ceramics Industry

Stone Industry

Stone Industry

Glass Industry

Glass Industry

Mining & Minerals Industry

Mining & Minerals Industry

Coal Washing

Coal Washing

Sand Washing

Sand Washing

Popular Feature

The new system compares with the traditional type waste water treatment system, it has the advantages as follows:



Automatic cleaning, automatic discharge slurry, reduce manual operation.


Cost Effective

Low flocculant cost, big capacity, high efficiency, stable performance.


Environmental protection

The purified water can totally reach to national standard of discharge and can be recycled.


Superior material

Made of qualified carbon steel, with good strength and corrosion resistance.


Wide application range

It is widely used in ceramic industry, stone industry, glass industry, coal washing, sand washing and other industries.


Fully functional

The system integrates sedimentation, concentration, filter pressing and slag removal.

Technical Process

The system integrates sedimentation, concentration, fiter pressing.

Sludge Treatment System Work

How Sludge Treatment System Work

Waste water from wash plant feed into deep cone thickener, the concentration of waste water could be enhanced from 2% ~ 15% to 60%~ 70% by the machine, the clear water is overflow from the upper part of the thickener, achieve the purpose of sludge concreate and solid-liquid separation.

Then, thicnened sludge is pumped into filter press or belt filter press for mechanical dewatering. Finally, get drier mud cake with moisture content below 30%.

Classic Case

With more than 30 years of sand washing industry experience, we have design and build many sludge treatment plants for our customers.


  • Luoyang Longzhong Heavy adopts the filter pressure method, through the special equipment - plate and frame filter press to pressure filter the chemical sludge and residual sludge produced by the system, the moisture content of the dehydrated sludge generally reaches 80-85%.

  • Feed mud concentration always be 30%-40%, then mud will become mud cake and the humidity is around 20% after processed. Typically, no flocculant are needed to help dewatering on a plate filter press.

  • LZZG filter press is a piece of sludge dewatering equipment that separates liquids and solids using pressure filtration in the sludge management.

  • LZZG sludge treatment system for sludge treatment is a sludge purification and solid waste dry discharge solution designed by Longzhong Heavy Industry for enterprises of mineral processing, sand making, construction and other types that have sewage treatment needs.

  • LZZG deep cone concentrator is a solid-liquid separation equipment based on gravity sedimentation. It can elevate the slurry wastewater containing 2% ~ 15% solid to 60% ~ 70% slurry through gravity sedimentation. The upper part of the tank can realize clear water overflow, so as to achieve the purpose of sewage purification and solid-liquid separation.

  • Environmental protection has become the theme of The Times, in order to mine environmental protection construction, protect the ecological environment, sludge treatment is necessary. Therefore, the new sludge treatment system launched by Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Industry has become the main equipment in the mining sand industry.

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