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Sludge Dewatering Belt Filter Press

Processing Capacity:0-20t/h

Main Function: sludge dewatering

Water Content: less than 20%

Application Scope: sand production line, aggregates wastewater treatment plants, mining, coal washing, metallurgy, municipal sewage,  ceramics, electroplating, papermaking, leather, brewing, petrochemical, chemistry, etc.

  • Overview

    What is LZZG sludge dewatering belt filter press?

    LZZG Sludge Dewatering Belt Filter Press is a common type of mechanical dewatering equipment. Which is widely used for efficient dewatering of sludge from municipal, industrial, mining and aggregaes wastewater treatment plants. Especially suitable for dewatering of tailings mud such as iron ore, copper ore, lead-zinc ore, fluorite ore, bauxite or rare earth ore; Dewatering operations such as ore dressing wastewater, sand washing mud or wash plant sludge.

    The slurry is sandwiched between two tensioned porous belts, by passing those belts through a serpentine of decreasing diameter rollers. Water is then removed from the slurry and a solid material is produced.

    belt filter working

    Belt Press Applications

    Belt Filter Press Application

    Belt filter presses are designed for dewatering applications where sludge is particulate, include various types of industrial wastewater sludge, such as sand-making mud, washed sand mud, mine tailings, piling mud, river silt, etc. They are pumped to the deep cone thickener, the flocculant is added to the thickener tank, and the concentration of the sludge in the thickener is increased by 60%-70% under flocculation and gravity precipitation. Then sent to the belt filter presses, under the action of a gravity zone, a wedge zone, and a pressure zone , the sludge cake with water content of less than 20% is formed and the overflow clean water will be re-processing.

    belt-filter-press1Belt Filter Press in Washing PlantLZZG Belt Filter Press for Water Plant Sludge
    Download: Belt filter press working principle and operation pdf

  • Working principle

    How does belt filter press work?

    (1) Thickener dehydration: chemical pretreatment stage

    The belt filter press has higher requirements for flocculation effect. This machine uses a unique dosing mixer to achieve rapid flocculation and achieve the best flocculation effect.

    (2) Gravity dehydration: gravity drainage stage

    The sludge is evenly fed into the mesh belt through the cloth bucket. The sludge runs forward with the filter belt. The free water flows into the water tank through the filter belt under the action of its own weight. The main function is to remove the free water in the sludge, so that the fluidity of the sludge is reduced and ready for further extrusion.

    (3) Low/medium pressure squeezing: wedge preloading dewatering stage

    After gravity dewatering, it is still difficult to meet the sludge flowability requirements of the press dewatering section. After this stage of slight extrusion dewatering, the sludge is smoothly pressed and dewatered.

    (4) High pressure squeezing: the depressurization stage of the clamp press

    The filter cake is repeatedly pressed and sheared around the press roll by the upper and lower filter belts. A large amount of capillary action water is removed to gradually reduce the moisture of the mud cake.

  • Features & Benefits

    1. Belt press has an easily adjustable and variable wedge compression zone that maximizes process rate and performance.
    2. Suitable for all types of organic sludge and inorganic mud, municipal WWTP sludge, pulp &paper sludge, water plant sludge.
    3. The belt press is constructed with a stainless steel structure and rollers, durable for more than 10 years .
    4. Low power is needed to run the belt filter presses. With long term value and ease of operation.
    5. Compact footprint, 4-stage dewatering and automated operation
  • Specifications

    Model Capacity (t/h) Belt Width (mm) Belt Number (pic) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
    DY1500 6-10 1500 3 11 12000*2300*3200
    DY2000 8-12 2000 3 11 12000*2800*3200
    DY2500 10-16 2500 3 15 12000*3300*3200
    DY3000 12-20 3000 3 15 12000*3800*3200
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