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Why choose PU in the vibrating dewatering screen


PU is an abbreviation of polyurethane, and it is a new type of macromolecule material, knon as “the fifth largest plastic”,besides, its excellent performances has been widely used in many fields of our national economy. LAZZG is a professional minging machinery and choose PU as its new type of vebrating dewatering screen.
In today’s minging and coaling machine factory,pu is increasingly seen in the market,pu is a very versayile material, but many people don’t understand the functions of pu in the vibrating dewatering screen.Now, LZZG will share the information with you.


1.Excellent sheer strength and high resistance, suitable for various structural bonding applications and has good flexibility.
2.PU Adhesives have excellent rubber properties and can be used to bond substrates with different thermal expansion coefficients. They form a soft-hard transition layer between substrates, which not only has strong adhesion but also excellent earthquake function of buffering and reduction.
3.PU adhesives have lower temperature and ultra-low temperature performance than all other types of adhesives.
4.Polyurethane Elastomers have excellent tensile strength, tear strength, high resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, hydrolysis resistance, oil resistance, etc.

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