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What you need to know about Dewatering Screen?

Scope of application of Dewatering Screen

Dewatering Screen, used for dehydration and desilting, can be used in coal mud recycling, coal washing plant, sand industry, sand stone material factory, site wash sand and washing coal mud. Dewatering Screen is also used in mines, iron ore, etc. Iron powder after grinding with mud, can use dehydration screen. The effect is very good for the iron powder demud and dehydration.

Why use the water screen?

Because sand washed by sand washing machine is not very clean, we need to use Dewatering Screen to further dewater for getting high quality sand and meet the requirements of production.

For coal washery, they cannot use sand washer, becaus the water consumption of sand washer water is big and it will bring the coal and water washed away together, you can use the dewatering screen to solve these problems, similar to sand recycling machine. According to actual need, customers can purchase more than one Dewatering Screen, and this has greatly increased the production quality and efficiency. Do not buy dryers foe small coal washery, because the cost is too high, and the water and coal can be separated from the water.

The material of the sieve mesh

The material of the sieve mesh of Dewatering Screen is super high molecular polyurethane(UHMW-PE) and widely used in mining, steel, metallurgy, coal, electric power, petroleum, textile, papermaking, food, chemical industry.


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