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The finished product effect of vibrating screen

The work principle of vibrating screen is that the motor drives belt conveyor to rotate, and under the action of the eccentric shaft, the circular vibrating screen can vibrate just liking oval approximately and realize vibrate and screen circularly. what is the effect of circular vibrating screen on specification of finished granularity? When the sand-gravel aggregate start to produce, there is many factors to be taken into consideration for the reasonable working of the machine, such as the properties of raw materials, topography, traffic convenience, the granularity of finished product and production requirements etc. in addition, it need to consider the factors such as equipment configuration is reasonable.

The type and quantity of circular vibrating screen determine the size of finishes product. When circular vibrating screen is working, the relatively small vibrating screen can screen the large materials. However, when screening relatively small materials, it usually need to use more than one large vibrating screen. The reason is that the smaller the size of granularity, the larger the size of sieve is required. In this way, the machine can improve the rate of finished product and avoid repeating crush. This is called multi-screen principle of vibrating screen.

Therefore, large vibrating screen don’t have good effect sometimes in the production line, so we need to have realistic configuration of equipment, especially the type of equipment, so as to improve the production benefit.


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