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Silica sand dryer is an indispensable equipment


At present, China’s drying equipment industry has formed a considerable scale of industry, in addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, China’s production of sand dryer drying equipment is also out of the country, are exported to overseas. In recent years, with the rising of China’s national economy and the continuous development of the central and western regions, the silica sand dryer equipment  industry in China has also showed a trend of spreading to the central region.





Silica sand dryer equipment  is an indispensable drying equipment in the modern industrial production. China’s drying equipment industry in a short period of thirty years of development, has made remarkable achievements. After entering the new century, China’s production of drying machine has reached five hundred thousand kinds. Although China’s drying equipment industry started late, but relying on the rapid development of China’s chemical industry, medicine, food and other industries, the market demand of China’s dry equipment industry is huge.

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