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Advantages of rubber spring for dewatering screen

Posted: 2017-11-17

Rubber spring has large elastic deformation, which is easy to achieve non-linear requirements. Rubber spring has the characteristics of good vibration and sound insulation effect, long service life, low cost, good cold resistance, excellent air tightness, water resistance, electrical insulation. So it is the best choice for vibration screen.

rubber spring


1. There is a good effect on the absorption of sudden shock and high frequency vibration because of high internal resistance. Therefore, when vibration screen using rubber spring start and stop through the resonance zone, its amplitude is small. The amplitude is relative stable.

2. The resistance of rubber transmission sound is much larger than metal, so the vibration damping effect is good and the noise during operation is small.

3. Rubber springs with the same structural form and size can be obtained by changing the hardness of the rubber to obtain different stiffness.

4. The same rubber spring can withstand multi-directional compliance at the same time, so that the structure of machine can be greatly simplified.

5. Easy to install and remove.

6. Small modulus of elasticity, large elastic deformation can be obtained, and ideal nonlinear characteristics can be easily realized.

7. The shape is not limited, and the stiffness in three directions can be designed according to actual needs.

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