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Maintenance steps of sand washing equipment

The extensive use of sand washing equipment and the continuous improvement of sand washing production lines in various regions have enabled the sand and stones to be effectively processed and utilized. The production of sand washing production line allows us to obtain a large amount of sand and gravel materials. But after a period of use of sand washing machine, users will find the effect seems to be getting worse. The result is due to time, and related to the daily maintenance.


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Here are some of daily maintenance that LZZG summarized, hope can help you know more about sand washing equipment.


1. The main method is the lubrication degree of bearing. Bearing is the core for all the load of the whole equipment. Only bearing works normally, the load of sand washing machine can be good. Therefore, we need to choose good quality lubricant, and must regularly add lubrication to avoid the situation of high friction. Moreover, when the bearing is in a high temperature state, it is necessary to stop working.


2. Regularly overhaul accessories, especially for parts that are subject to wear. During the overhaul process, the focus is on the wear of the parts. Generally speaking, the degree of wear is lighter and will not affect the use. Severe wear and tear, if it is found to be replaced, not only protects the equipment, but also plays an important role in the safety of the user.


3. Avoid large amounts of water vapor, avoid direct sunlight, avoid wind and rain, and so on. In general, it is necessary to protect the equipment from external factors. The most common maintenance method is to cover the beneficiation equipment with a plastic film. The direct method is to carry it to a dry, cool place. The use of coverings can prevent dust from invading the sandstone production line equipment. Incomplete data indicates that 20% of the sandstone production line equipment is not properly used due to dust.


So we need to pay more attention to the daily maintenance while sand washing machines are convenient for us. So that the equipment can work better.

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