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Longzhong Visits Customers In Indonesia, Malaysia And Singapore

To provide overseas customers with refined product services. LZZG’s general manager led foreign trade personnel to visit old friends and new customers in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Both sides had candid exchanges and pragmatically deepened all-round cooperation. Longzhong gained a lot from this overseas trip.

1. Indonesian customer return visit

The equipment’s operating status and customers’ actual needs are always the biggest issues for Longzhong people. During this return visit, the Longzhong team went deep into the project site to solve the problems encountered by customers in the production process.

2. Malaysian customer solution communication

We visited several customers in Malaysia. Quartz sand is the main processing raw material. The customer demands that the original equipment cannot meet the quality requirements required by the customer, and they want to purchase a complete set of production line equipment to meet the standards of foundry sand. In response to customer needs, we fully introduced Longzhong’s complete set of foundry sand equipment, process flow, technical advantages, practical applications, etc. to customers, and received high recognition from customers. During the field visit, Longzhong listened to the needs of customers. This practical information can enable Longzhong to continuously improve the applicability of its products in overseas markets and improve the relevant details of customized services.

quartz sand processing line

3. Visiting customers in Singapore

Face-to-face communication is more genuine, heart-to-heart service is more sincere, and active and effective communication has been highly recognized by customers, which has enhanced the willingness of both parties to deepen cooperation further.

After the overseas trip, many customers expressed their intention to ask Longzhong to formulate a technical plan for them as soon as possible, hoping to solve their production problems as soon as possible. Longzhong is committed to providing global customers with high-performance products and professional and meticulous services, helping customers in the quartz sand industry to increase their value.

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