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Longzhong Launches Safety Production Month Activities

To improve the employees’ safety awareness, Longzhong organized a safety production month meeting on June 21, 2024. The theme of the meeting was “Everyone pays attention to safety, everyone knows how to respond to emergencies, and keeps the life channel unobstructed.” Company leaders, department managers, and all employees attended this Safety Month meeting.


Participants learn the safety production warning video

Before the meeting started, all employees watched the warning education film “Safety in Production, Responsibility on Shoulders” and other videos to enhance their awareness of safety in production responsibilities.

The leadership gave the following instructions on safety

Mr. Ma, the leader of the Longzhong Safety Production Leading Group and the person directly responsible for the company’s safety production, emphasized that safety production work is the common responsibility of the company and its employees. The company should strengthen employees’ safety awareness by carrying out a series of activities during the Safety Production Month.

1. Safety in production should be highly valued in thought. The core is to focus on system management, the key few, fulfilling duties, grading responsibilities at all levels, and clarifying one’s own responsibilities.

2. Strictly enforce the “three violations”: Illegal operations must be classified and managed, and must be eliminated from the employees’ minds. Safety managers at all levels must shoulder important responsibilities, and violators must be investigated thoroughly.

3. Safety issues should never be neglected. The busier you are, the more you should pay attention to safety.

Take the oath and conduct fire drills

The director of the production department summarized the various safety management tasks and publicized and interpreted the various activity plans for the June Safety Month. Everyone took the safety oath together. We also conduct fire drills, emergency escape drills, and other activities to allow everyone to learn the correct way to deal with safety incidents in simulated situations.

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