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How To Improve The Screening Capacity Of Vibrating Screen

In actual production, some users report that the vibrating screen always fails to reach the set processing capacity, and the efficiency is low. As an important piece of equipment in the screening industry, the screening effect of the vibrating screen not only has a great impact on the value of the product but also directly has an important impact on the efficiency of the next operation. Therefore, this article summarizes 5 measures to improve the efficiency and performance of vibrating screens, hoping to help everyone’s production.

vibrating screen

Reasonable choice of vibration motor and adjustment of excitation force

The reasonable selection of vibrating motor is one of the key links that affect the performance of the vibrating screen, and the size of the exciting force is the core factor that affects the productivity of the vibrating screen.

1. Selection of vibration motor

As the vibration source of the vibrating screen, the vibrating motor should have the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure, compactness, high excitation efficiency, energy-saving, and convenient installation and debugging. The selection of the vibration motor includes working frequency, maximum excitation force, power, and other parameters. The first is to select the operating frequency and the exciting force, the speed of the vibration motor should be close to the operating frequency. The maximum excitation force must be within the range of the selected motor’s synthetic excitation force, and then the power of the vibration motor is selected according to the operating frequency and maximum excitation force.

2. Adjustment of exciting force

The productivity of the vibrating screen has an exponential relationship with the exciting force. The increase in the exciting force causes a rapid increase in productivity, while the blockage rate decreases rapidly with the increase in the exciting force. The exciting force also has a certain influence on the passing rate and breaking rate of the sieve, and its changing laws are all wave-shaped. If the excitation force is too small, the passing rate and breaking rate will be poor. When the excitation force is too large, it will increase the friction of the eccentric blocks at both ends of the vibrating motor shaft. In the case of high-speed rotation, it is easy to damage the motor and reduce the service life of the motor. Therefore, it is very important to adjust the excitation force reasonably.

vibrating screen

Improve the movement of the screen surface

The movement mode of the screen surface has a great influence on the working efficiency of the vibrating screen. The vertical amplitude of the feed end of the screen surface should be greater than the vertical amplitude of the discharge end. This is because the large vertical amplitude at the feed end can effectively stratify the thicker materials at this end, and at the same time, with the help of the inclination angle, the excess material at this end is quickly spread to the middle of the screen surface, so that the fine-grained materials are relatively thinner. The layered material layer penetrates the screen, which increases the actual usable area of the screen surface. When the material reaches the discharge end, the material has been separated into layers. At this time, only a small vertical amplitude is needed to ensure that the fine-grained material has good screening conditions, and the too-large vertical amplitude will disturb the fine-grained material. The environment through the sieve.

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Use non-metallic material screen

The advantages of non-metallic screens are as follows.

1. Improve screening efficiency. It can improve the screening efficiency of the metal screen by about 20%.

2. Good wear resistance and long service life. Its average life span is more than 25 times that of metal screens.

3. Reduce installation time and improve equipment operation rate.

4. Since the service life of the non-metallic screen is greatly extended, the number of replacement of the screen surface is reduced, and the equipment operation rate is generally 15% higher than that of the metal screen.

5. Reduce noise and improve the working environment.

vibrating screen

Adopt multi-feeding method

The vibrating screen generally adopts one-way feeding. After the material is supplied to the screen surface, most of the material smaller than the separated particle size will quickly pass through the screen hole at the feeding end and become the under-screen product, and the distance from the discharge end is 1/3~1/ 2 screen surface, in addition to continuing to play a certain screening role, mainly plays a role in transportation, so the utilization rate of the screen surface is not high. If multiple feeds are used, it is equivalent to increasing the width of the screen surface and reducing the thickness of the material layer supplied to the screen surface, which is beneficial for the fine material to quickly contact the screen surface and pass through the screen holes, and at the same time, make full use of the screen surface, To reduce unnecessary transportation of coarse particles, thereby improving the efficiency of screening.

vibrating screen

Strengthen operation management

Operation and maintenance also have a certain impact on the performance of the vibrating screen. To operate the vibrating screen with high efficiency, it must be carefully operated in strict accordance with the operating procedures. For example, the feeding should be uniform, continuous, and appropriate to ensure that the material is evenly distributed along the entire width of the screen, to facilitate the penetration of fine particles and obtain a higher processing capacity. And screening efficiency.

Besides, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the screen machine, such as cleaning the screen surface and repairing and replacing the damaged screen surface in time to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.

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