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The factors that affect dewatering screen performance

Dewater screen is the professional dewatering equipment to achieve dewatering and screening functions by vibrating motion. It is widely used to dry and wet grading, dewatering, desiming and sculting for middle and fine materials. With the advantages of big processing capacity, high grading and dewatering efficiency.

dewatering screen performance

Usually, in order to maximize dewatering screen and increase processing capacity, the capacity of dewatering screen subjected in working is more than the actual maximum throughput. So the performance of dewatering sieve is not fully exerted, which not only increases the energy consumption and production cost, but also fails to exert the best effect. In fact, the performance of dewatering screen is limited in several aspects: material characteristics, feeding capacity, motor power, water content and other factors. These factors affect a decline in the screening capacity of dewatering screen and output. Therefore, we must make adjustments based on the performance characteristics of dewatering screen to fully exert performance advantages.

1. Usually, the water content of material will directly affect the screening effect of dewatering screen. Dry materials are easier to screen; but for materials with larger moisture, the cohesion and adsorption between particles will cause a certain of blocking on the screen, resulting in a decline in the capacity of linear dewatering screen. Therefore, for materials with large water content, there are usually two better treatment methods, one is to dry material to reduce the moisture content; the other is to increase the moisture content of material, using wet screening method(usually called filtration), then to dry the filtered material to avoid affecting the performance of dewatering screen.

2. The particle shape of material also affects the performance of dewatering screen, mainly as a result of a decrease in capacity. Generally, the shape of material particles or powder is mostly round or spherical, but some types of materials are in the form of flakes or irregular shapes and cylinders. For this type of material, the common type of dewatering screen is more difficult to screen, mainly because these irregular materials are prone to blockage during the screening process, which affects the performance of equipment.

3. The feeding amount also affects the performance of dewatering screen to a certain extent. Generally, dewatering screen is mostly used in the production process to complete the production operation with other equipment. If the discharge amount of equipment in the previous process is too small, it is easy to cause the feeding amount is small during the operation of dewatering screen. On the one hand, it affects the production capacity of equipment, and it is also easy to cause idling, waste energy consumption and increase production costs. Therefore, under certain circumstances, special storage equipment such as storage equipment and vibrating feeders should be set up to ensure that the dewatering screen can operate according to the predetermined capacity, so that the performance of the equipment can be effectively utilized.

finished products of dewatering screen

The performance of dewatering screen is not only related to the user’s using effect, but also has a huge effect on the user’s economic benefit. Therefore, the user must integrate the equipment configuration and the type of dewatering screen and model selection in the production process. All aspects of factors, reduce unnecessary waste, can effectively play the performance of equipment, achieve better benefits and use effects, and the focus is to use it according to the characteristics of the selected dewatering screen, do not increase the pressure on the dewatering screen, otherwise the performance advantages are not reflected.

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