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Deep cone thickener—zero discharge of waster water



Deep cone thickener is a machine that based on gravity and sedimentation which makes solid-liquid separate from each other.The concentration of pulp wastewater could be enhanced from 60%~ 70% to 2% ~ 15% by the machine,
the clean water is overflow from the upper part of the thickener , so as to achieve the purpose of sewage purification and solid-liquid separation.
Work process:After treatment of the materials,the waste water passes through the material passage and enters the central feeding barrel, after a series of subcritical, flocculation effect, the underflow slurry discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the thickener ,then enter into the press filter or other equipment, the slurry will be made into mud cake. The upper part of the thickener can produce clean water (overflow clarification liquid), which is discharged from the water outlet at the top, and the water can be recycled to realize zero discharge of the waste water.

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