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Tailing Dewatering zero emission system and recycling


The fine sand recycling machine can produce largely waste water for the purpose of separating the sand and slurry to recycle the fine sand. Slurry containing all kinds of impurities and the dust is discharged into the Tailing Dewatering Screen. Under the function of the Tailing Dewatering Screen, the separated tailing materials can be recycled, and the remaining mud is further processed through the sewage pump into the thickener. The mud is transported to the thickener. The gravity deposition of the machine can achieve the purpose of sewage purification and solid-liquid separation, while the separated water can be recycled. The thickened mud enters the Filter Press, and then the secondary solid separation is carried out in the Filter Press and the mud cake will be formed.

Tailing Dewatering zero emission system

The water and mud cake formed after processing of the mud treatment equipment can solve the actual problem of the safety emission, and can recycle the precious resources. When the mud is dehydrated, it can be used as an organic soil and construction materials; Mud cake formed after dehydration, so it can be used as fuel.

The mud treatment equipment developed by luoyang longzhong heavy industry has the characteristics of high handling capacity, good dehydration effect, simple structure and convenient operation. It is widely recognized by the industry.

Tailing Dewatering zero emission system and recycling

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