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What to pay attention to when operating the cone crusher


Cone crusher in carrying turn, operators must abide by and pay attention to the following matters:

(1) to the mine must be uniform, the particle size of the product to meet the requirements
(2) at any time to pay attention to the operation of the mine drainage and transport belt, so as to avoid clogging accident.
(3) often check the pump, filter and oil cooler, oil temperature, oil temperature should not exceed 60 DEG C.
(4) check the drainage water proof, if there is no water is not allowed to run.
(5) attention should be paid to check the oil pressure of the lock cylinder. The adjusting ring must be operated under the condition of the lock.
(6) regularly check the wear of the lining board, special attention to adjust the ring on the lining of the fixed bolt, if loose, will cause the lining board loose. The new lining board in the work of 24 h, should be a parking fastener.

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