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The production of GP Tailing Dewatering Screen can ease the tailings harm



Along with the increase of beneficiation factory, the tailing are also growing, and more and more land will be used.The tailing contain a large number of toxic and harmful substances,and it can leakage into underground by slurry to contaminated soil and nearby bodies of water.

To address this problem,LZZG produce GP Tailing Dewatering Screen,it is driven by two vibrating motors, which makes the screen sieve move to-and-fro on line to achieve the filtering purpose.With the vibration of the screen, the concentrated tailings materials are continuously threw up and down on the screen, the materials are loosen and crashed to the sieve, the small size materials are filtered away from the sieve holes. Finally it reaches the aim of classifying, dehydrating and desliming.Then the drag waste water will be recycling to avoiding the toxic and harmful substances leakage  into underground.

The process of Tailing Dewatering Screen

According to different kinds of tail pulp: different kinds, differentconcentration of particles, different silt content;Arranging reasonabledry process and selection of equipment,under the premise that dry process is master the principle ,reduce the area, reduce equipment investment, dry drainage process generally has the following several ways:

(1)Thickener + mud pump

Condition:medium and large mines,the tail slurry throughput will reduce about 70% Feature:simple craft , the obvious effect

(2)Thickener or desander + vibration dewatering screen(water content <20%)

Condition:solid particles in the pulp >70um(200 mesh),and recycled water quality requirement is not high

Feature:simple craft,cheap

(3)Desander +thickener + filter(filter press)(water content <18%)

Condition:large tailing,silt content<10%

Feature:large space occupation,favorable effect

(4)Desander+vibration dewatering screen+thickener+filter(filter press)(dry mineral water content <20%)


Feature:low silt content will choose disk filter,high silt content suit pressure filtration equipment

(5)Desander+vibration dewatering screen incline plate thickener +dosing device+filter(filter press)(water content <20%)

Condition:the great amount of tailing,high silt content

Feature:generally choose belt type filter

(6)Non-ferrous metal tailing particles is small,less dry heap,enrichment equipment usually choose deep cone efficient thickener or efficient inclined plate thick box;more easily achieve high underflow concentration, dewatering equipment generally choose ceramic disk filter machine


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