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LZZG slurry phase treatment technilogy


In the production line of artificial sand washing, the production mechanism of sand is through the washing operation of sand washing machine, so as to control the content of dust and dirt in the sand and gravel. However no matter what kind of technology there are certain advantages and disadvantages, because through the washing equipment for sand cleaning, while removing the dust in the finished material and cleaning out the large amount of fine sand, resulting in the serious loss of the sand below a certain proportion of 0.16mm, not only will cause pollution and waste can also cause sand product grading is not reasonable.

LZ sand recycling machine can to prevent the risk of serious loss of fine sand sand washing production line. Washing sand machine in the discharge of mud into the fine sand recovery machine to recover fine sand, effectively reduce the loss of the amount of fine sand, the control within 5% – 10%, very good to solve the artificial aggregate processing system of finished product fineness modulus of sand high, stone powder content is low, the problem; recovery of fine sand can be resold or brick, make full use of the benefits to maximize value; secondly to ensure the sand wastewater zero discharge the establishment of circular sedimentation tank, after fine sand recovery machine processing wastewater by sedimentation tank to clarify, recycling, energy saving and environmental protection.

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