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Mobile Slurry Treatment Station

Input Size: <10mm

Production Capacity:0-120t/h

Main Feature: vehicle, portable

Application Scope: construction of hydro power, continuous concrete wall, slurry shield tunnel, etc.

  • Overview

    LZYN-1020 mobile slurry treatment station is designed for the Building piling slurry, dredging of rivers and lakes, urban sewer dredging and the other industries, which was designed and applied to multi-site operations according to actual requirements. This mobile slurry treatment station has the characteristics of high production efficiency, excellent working effect, convenient and flexible operation and can meet the requirements of various working environment.


  • Working principle


    Mud to be processed will come into the lower layer of sieve machine through feeding pipe, The lower sieve plate (hole seam is 5mm) sieves the large particles whose size is more than 5mm, small particles of material will come into the tank under the sieve with water, and then through the slurry pump, they are fed into the high pressure separator that can concentrate and separate the solid particles.

    The slurry reached about 50% flows out from the bottom of separator and get to the upper screen , the sieve plate (hole seam is 0.16mm) can complete dehydration operation and realize the mud drying. The waste water less than 3% of the suspended matter flows into the water tank from the overflow of the separator, and then is discharged through the discharge pipe.

  • Features & Benefits

    1. Movable and flexible.

    2. High mud purification efficiency, waste slurry can be recycled.

    3. Good sealing, prevent leakage and mud splash.

    4. The mud are transported by the high pressure slurry pump, which effectively reduces the height difference of the equipment and improves the working stability.

  • Specifications

    Model Capacity (m³/h) Power (kw) Electronic-controling Screen size (mm) Weight  (kg) High pressure separator
    LZYN1020 120 2.2*2 Chint electric appliance 4640X2050X1800 3300 FM250*2
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