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Dosing device

Automatic Dosing Device

Automatic dosing device has advanced performance, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and high degree of automation.

Processing Capacity: 8-32 m3 / h

Application Scope: it can be widely used in the accurate quantitative control of flotation dosing of black, non-ferrous, precious metal and non-metallic minerals, coal, etc. The problem of inaccuracy in manual dosing is greatly improved, and the mineral recovery rate is improved.

  • Overview

    LZ automatic dosing device is widely used in power plant, chemical industry, water plant, mine aggregate processing tail water and other water treatment systems that need to add purification equipment and flocculant, which can provide continuous and stable chemicals for water treatment process.

  • Working principle

    Automatic dosing device is mainly composed of liquid tank, agitator (optional), metering pump, control cabinet, pipeline, buffer, pressure gauge, Y filter, level gauge, level sensor (optional), PH meter (optional), corrosion online monitor (optional), support, etc.

    Each part of the dosing device is installed on a rack, which is compact and reasonable to form an independent dosing unit, greatly reducing the workload of chemical design and field installation and reducing the floor area.

    automatic dosing device

  • Features & Benefits

    1. Add flocculant, disinfectant, acid and alkali solution in water treatment.

    2. Add scale inhibitor and water quality stabilizer in cooling water and circulating water.

    3. Add acid and lye to other solutions in chemical and printing industry.

  • Specifications

    Model Dosage (m³/h) Box Volume (m³) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
    ZD15 3 1.5 4.5 1600*950*1890
    ZD30 5 3 6.4 3250*1600*2500
    ZD50 10 5 9.6 3400*2000*2800
    ZD100 20 10 16.5 5000*2000*3000
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