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Select the appropriate sludge dewatering equipment


whether city or township sewage treatment plant is built more and more, sewage treatment

Recently, there is a sewage treatment plant technical staff said, “use of sludge filter press sludge dewatering processing really trouble, when the sludge treatment require not only the hand with a shovel, with the filter plate open unloading mud cake and more frequent cleaning is easy to plug the filter cloth and the filter plate and because of too much manual operation, sludge dewatering processing very slow, often due to such reasons can not achieve the established sludge processing capacity, cause the accumulation of sludge in the plant, to the sewage treatment plant have brought a lot of inconvenience.”
This is a sewage treatment plant sludge dewatering treatment in the case, but also represents the current majority of China’s sludge processing enterprises embarrassment. Combined with the current situation of China’s sludge treatment industry, is not the trouble of sludge dewatering, you use the sludge dewatering equipment is not, just let these troubles hinder the sludge dewatering treatment.
So overall, the sludge dewatering equipment industry has in exert a subtle influence on the development of the. Regardless of the sewage treatment plant and chemical enterprises, if the sludge dewatering processing work it still very troublesome and expensive. It only is used for sludge dewatering equipment not. Therefore, in order to control the cost of sludge treatment, improve the efficiency of sludge treatment, simplify sludge dewatering process, or to choose the new sludge dewatering equipment in line with the trend of the times and market demand.

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