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Low maintenance and wear cost machine manufacture


Luoyang LZZG  Intensive Dewatering Screen is uniquely designed with an up slope of 5° and either 1200 or 1800 RPM’s. This creates a substantial bed depth which both squeezes and packs the dewatered material.


The new type dewatering screen is widely used in the folowlling :

Dewater fines recovery system
Dewater ahead of attrition scrubber
Manufactured sand fines removal –200 mesh
Coarse or fine material washer

Our dewatering screens has show its advantages that over than the traditional screens,which contains that

  • Extremely dry Discharge.
  • Low Percent Moisture.
  • Ship Material same or next day.
  • Low horsepower requirements.
  • Low maintenance and wear cost.
  • Very high capacity per unit.

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