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LZ750 Washing Recycling System Construction Site in Hu’nan Province


Customers give great recognition to LZZG brand washing recycling system, after putting into use the equipment, the effect is beyond imagination, then purchase the second one at once.

Washing recycling equipment can achieve zero release of fine sand, energy conservation and environment protection, low investment and high profits is the main advantages of washing recycling system. All the equipment quality is improved gradually. The equipment we produced, no matter the quality, the price or the after-sales service, all have certain advantages. Hu’nan province is one of the main markets of Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Many equipment of their local sand factory is supplied by LZZG, such as dewatering equipment, dewatering equipment, dewatering equipment, etc. As the vital equipment in sand production line, the performance of washing recycling system directly influence the quality of sand and the capacity of production line.

Washing Recycling System

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