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Trommel Screen

Trommel screen
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Brief introduction
The trommel screen, also known as a rotary screen, is a mechanical screening machine used to separate materials, mainly in the mineral and solid-waste processing industries.
LZZG trommel screens are designed to minimize setup time and be easy and convenient to service.We have perfected the ability to size and customise trommel screens with different materials to suit the application,such as the updated product compact sand washer.

Trommel screen4

Working principle 

The trommel drum cylinder is tilted on the rack. The motor is driven by the reducer to rotate the drum unit around its axis. After the material enters the drum device, due to the tilting and rotation of the drum device, the material on the screen surface is flipped and rolled so that the qualified material (the product under the screen) is discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the trommel screen, and the unqualified material(the product on the screen) is discharged through the discharge port at the tail of the trommel screen.


Technology Advantages

1. The screen hole is not easy to block.
2. Running smoothly and the noise is low.
3. The structure is simple and the maintenance is convenient.
4. The trommel drum cylinder can be closed, and easy to collect dust.
5. Various plate and mesh sizes
6. Screen drums made to customer specification.

Model Sceen size (m) Angle (°) Rotational speed (r/min) Mesh Size (mm) Max feeding size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
GT1030 φ1.0*3.0 6 22 5~15 ≤40 30~60 4 1300 4500*1358*2336
GT1040 φ1.0*4.0 6 22 5~15 ≤40 30~60 4 1500 5500*1458*2336
GT1230 φ1.2*3.0 6 22 5~15 ≤40 60~100 5.5 1500 4500*1585*2478
GT1240 φ1.2*4.0 6 22 5~15 ≤40 60~100 5.5 1700 5500*1685*2478
GT1540 φ1.5*4.0 6 17 5~15 ≤40 100~150 7.5 2500 5800*2100*4400
GT1560 φ1.5*6.0 6 17 5~15 ≤40 100~150 7.5 2700 6800*2200*4400


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