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Features of TS series dewatering screen


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Longzhong tailings dewatering system with high frequency vibration TS series dewatering screen, screen structure using disposable rivet connection, without the use of welding and the screw connection, the improvement of sieving the overall rigidity of the body. The wear resistance of the polyurethane sieve plate, is 5 times more than ordinary steel material. At the same time Longzhong tailings dry row, TS dewatering screen in beam and a driving beam and a base, increase the quantity of beam and a driving beam diameter, thereby increasing the rigidity of the sieve, greatly improving the screen life of the sieve.
TS dewatering screen and compared with the general dewatering screen, with dehydration effect, screen material layer thickness, high screening efficiency, large capacity, low cost, and TS dewatering screen with double spring structure and overall running smoothly.

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