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Dual wheel sand washing and recycling machine

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Brief introduction
The double wheel sand washer is a new type of sand washing machine. On the basis of our original sand washing equipment, the equipment has been updated and upgraded to meet the needs of customers. The double wheel sand washing machine is skillful in docking two wheel bucket washing machines with fine sand recovery machines. The whole machine has a reasonable structure and small area, which greatly reduces the investment cost for customers in the sand washing link. It integrates heavy water washing and fine sand dehydration and recycling.


Working principle
After the pre-processed material enters the first storage tank, the first washing wheel starts to rotate through the motor and reducer, and the material in the first storage tank is picked up from the water and passed through the mesh in the washing wheel. The water and the material below the mesh size are missing, and the qualified material is transferred to the second storage tank. During the rotation of the washing wheel, the material is in full contact with the water, and water is used to remove the impurities on the surface of the material. so the material is cleaner. The second washing wheel repeats the process of the first washing wheel, and the material is cleaned again. Then the material enters the dewatering device and removes a lot of moisture through the vibrating screen, which makes the material more convenient to store and transport.


1.Two sets of wheel sand washer , water storage tank, pumping tank, water reverse device, overflow device, separation and recovery device, dewatering device, reducer, pump, motor and other components.
2.The structure is reasonable and the output is stable.


Model Feeding size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Water (m³/h) Total power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
2LZ26-35 ≤10 30-50 80-100 33.4 6230 9580*5310*2740
2LZ26-55 ≤10 30-55 100-120 37.4 6230 9580*5310*2740
2LZ30-55 ≤10 60-80 100-120 50 12000 11900*7220*3640
2LZ30-65 ≤10 70-100 120-160 58 12000 11900*7220*3640
2LZ36-75 ≤10 120-150 160-200 75 24000 13610*6400*3670
2LZ36-120 ≤10 130-180 250-300 98 24000 13610*6400*3670


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